Special searches


BrandFM search is based on Apache Lucene, so there is a lot of cool stuff you can put in your search queries! We've listed a few of our favorites below, but if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us at help@brandfm.com.

Beginner Advice

If you're just starting to use search click here to get an initial idea of what to do.


NOTE: when using this kind of search you MUST use capitals for AND, OR and NOT.

car photography

This search will yeild results with EITHER "car" or "photography" in it. However, it will be ranked so that items which mention both car and photography will be at the top.

car AND photography

This will only return results with BOTH car and photography in them. This is a good way to reduce the search results so that you don't end up looking through 10 pages of irrelevant results.

car photography NOT ford

This will return all car photography results that don't mention the word "ford". It's useful if you keep being overwhelmed with results that aren't what you're looking for.


(red green blue) AND car

Parenthesis can be used to group search terms. The example above will search for items that have the word car, plus either red, green or blue mentioned.

Wild Cards


Asterisk's represent "anything", so the example above could return car, carpet, carmen or cartoon. You can use an asterisks anywhere in a word (car*, *car, ca*r).


Question marks can represent "any one letter", so the search above could return car, bar or jar.

Fuzzy Search


Fuzzy searching is kind of like intelligent wild card searching. You do this by putting a ~ after your search term. The search above could be used to find best, beast, test or rest. Useful if you're not entirely sure of the correct spelling!

Proximity Searches

"car photography"~10

The example search above will return results that have "car" and "photography" within 10 words of each other. Now that's cool!